Friday, August 29, 2008

It's Christmas!

There's this little thing called a 'credit crunch' going on. Some people will be feeling depressed at not being able to afford a luxurious Christmas but I'm here to show them how it can be done with lots of creativity and for very little money.

Giving a luxurious gift to a friend needn't be expensive. This natural soy scented candle is beautiful and thoughtful and you can even make a stunning gift box for it to be presented in.

Christmas wouldn't be Cristmas without a cracker. These ones all come with an aromatic lavender eye cushion inside.

Here are some party hats to go inside them.

Or why not make amazing hats out of card to suit your guests' personalities.

Let's begin with a beautiful Snow Queen hat.

Here's a Showgirl.

A Pirate!

A Fez!

The Green Man.

And me in a quirky Top Hat.

Glamorous wrapping paper can be made from a copy of Vogue or any other glossy magazine. This wrapping came from a series of Nordstrom adverts.

And here's the same paper made into a gift bag.

Wrapping made from pages of a Juicy Couture advert.

Warapping from a series of sexy black and white shots.

A single page can be made into a small gift bag, perfect for giving away hand made sweets.

I hope you like these ideas and I would be delighted to share some others with you. Please contact me: juliet at julietblonde dot co dot uk

Many thanks for looking!